Neck Pain and Blair Chiropractic Technique

Are you suffering from neck pain?

At one point or another, most people will experience neck pain. Neck pain has many different causes, but is one of the main reasons people will seek chiropractic treatment. For some, neck pain may be a weekly source of irritation. For others, it can be constant, severe, and debilitating. When neck pain begins to intrude in everyday activities and putting limitations on things you enjoy, things have to change.

Pain is an indication that your body is struggling to meet the demands that are placed on it. In today’s society, we are surrounded by constant stressors, including but not limited to, work deadlines, children’s’ schedules, financial speedbumps, traffic, and traumatic family events. In times of stress, our bodies undergo physiological changes.

The technique we use here at Wellness First is known as the Blair Upper Cervical technique. The Blair technique helps find the root cause of the neck pain through objective measures and an in-depth analysis. This way of treatment is gentle, non-invasive, and made by the hand. There is no twisting or cracking involved, and is one of the most efficient treatments to eliminate neck pain.

No one should have to live with neck pain. Click here for more information.

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