Neurofeedback and Depression

How Neurofeedback Helped a Man Manage Depression

After 44 years of marriage crumpled into divorce, a man found himself battling depression. At 64 years old, he didn’t expect to have the trouble he was having. After researching treatments, he decided to participate in Braincore Neurofeedback training. As he went through his training, he began noticing changes. He didn’t feel as sad, and felt okay being alone. After Neurofeedback training, he admitted to feeling completely like himself again.

Depression isn’t just a bout of the blues, or something you can simply “snap out of.” Neurofeedback is a research proven way to help you improve your brain function. It allows you to reshape mood networks in your brain.

Learn more about this man’s testimonial here. Visit our What is Neurofeedback? tab to learn more about the process.

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