Neurofeedback for PTSD

How Neurofeedback Helps PTSD

Multiple studies have been completed looking at the effectiveness of neurofeedback for PTSD in adults. A recent controlled study showed that 24 sessions of neurofeedback significantly reduced PTSD symptoms. One study has been completed with children. These studies all suggest that neurofeedback is a very promising approach to treatment for PTSD. This is especially important because existing treatments can be quite difficult to tolerate and have limited effectiveness for many individuals struggling with PTSD.

Meet Thomas

Thomas was only a preschooler when he witnesses his father beat this mother many times. Even after his mother left his father, Thomas continued to show severe behavior and emotional problems. He was diagnosed with PTSD. Thomas could not be helped in counseling, even by a very experienced child trauma therapist. Finally, his mom gave up on therapy, until she discovered neurofeedback.

Tests were done to measure the severity of Thomas’ symptoms before and after 20 neurofeedback sessions. After 10 weeks and 20 sessions, Thomas’ teacher rated his behavior as normal. Even his mother stated “he is at the top of the class.”

Meet Robert

Robert fought in Vietnam. He experienced countless horrors there and continued to suffer them, on a daily basis, for more than forty years. He had severe, chronic PTSD. Any event he perceived as a threat would take him back into war zone. One Robert began neurofeedback treatment, 10 weeks of sessions made all the difference. He was calmer, less vigilant, and less likely to react emotionally. He stated that the treatment “gave him a window between an event and his emotional reaction that allowed him to think and decide.”

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