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"I was having seizures and heard that chiropractic treatment may be able to help, so when Wellness First came to my office for an employee screening I tried it and liked it. At first, I really questioned if this was working because in the first month I continued to have seizures. Dr. Tanner was great, sweet, kind, and patient! He explained that this was not an overnight fix and if I was willing to work with him and wait, I may get the results I was looking for. I have been coming here since 11/2016 and I have been seizure free since 12/2016!  That is something that my neurologist has not been able to help me with in a year and 8 months. That speaks for itself!"

-Nykia F.

"I was having back pain. My sleep pattern involved waking up all through the night due to neck, lower back, and hip pain.  Also, I didn't have hearing in my right ear since I was 9 years old. Lots of moms recommended Dr. Tanner, however, I finally went in when my husband insisted on it. I didn't think after years of all my pain he could fix anything. I thought I would just have to live will the pain for the rest of my life. Since coming to Dr. Tanner I gained my hearing back in my right ear! Doctors couldn't explain why I lost my hearing in the first place. I no longer wake up from sleep due to pain! Now I sleep great! It really does work!"

-Marissa B

"I had a bad experience with another chiropractor and swore them off all together. The only problem was, I was still in pain and this continued for 1 1/2 years. I was to terrified to seek a chiropractor, but I was in too much pain to continue. A friend of mine told me about Dr. Tanner, so I decided to give him a shot. Absolute best choice I have ever made! He was understanding and comforting. Wellness First Chiropractic was a very friendly and comforting atmosphere. He did not pressure me like the previous experience I had with my previous chiropractor. Long story short, 2 1/2 months later, I feel like my old self again. My quality of life has increased 100%. I will always refer people to Dr. Tanner and will be forever grateful! I've experienced 100% recovery, more neck mobility, and headache and pain free. Replenished my confidence in the chiropractic profession!"

-Josh N.

"I had severe back pain, and wasn't able to sit, stand, or lay down for any length of time - no relief from lower back and hip pain. Also, my posture was always in a slouch position. I have had chiropractic treatment for years. Dr. Tanner's approach was completely different from what I had in the past. I have to admit I was skeptical at first, but was willing to try anything to achieve some relief. I am now PAIN FREE! I have 100% improved, have more energy, I'm able to do activities that I was afraid of before, and in better health. Many friends and family members compliment me on my posture being straight and upright!"

-Phyllis. E.

"I knew my hips seemed off which made my back, lower back, and head hurt continually. As soon as I watched the video and spoke to Dr. Tanner, I knew he wasn't going to temporarily "fix" my pain but get to the core of the problem and adjust it so eventually I wouldn't have the problem. I have experienced a 50% decrease in pain in the last 2 1/2 months. My hips are totally balanced as opposed to when I first started coming to see him. Headaches and neck pain have decreased as well! Thank you, Dr. Tanner."

-Erica H.

"I was referred to Dr. Tanner by a co-worker because I was having such severe lower back pain that I could hardly walk or lift anything. I never believed in chiropractic care but when doctors started talking surgery, I was willing to try anything. After talking with Dr. Tanner, I felt comfortable in trying this before surgery. I have absolutely no more back pain, no headaches, and I sleep better. The biggest benefit is that now I can hold and hug my 2 year old niece without pain. Before I could not pick her up or even bend over to kiss her. For this, I thank Dr. Tanner and Wellness First Chiropractic. I also enjoy talking to Kimberly which is an added bonus."

-Ann B.

"The reason I came to see Dr. Tanner at Wellness First Chiropractic was because of my severe headaches that I was having, and for my overall well being to feel better. I am typically not impressed with most doctors, but Dr. Tanner educated me very well on his findings and what he could do. Everything that he was explaining to me made sense. At first i was very shocked at the findings Dr. Tanner gave me, but after he educated me on what he found and what he could do for me, I felt very confident that there was a chance that Dr. Tanner could help with my severe headaches and my overall well being. I now experience less headaches and just feeling better overall!"

-Angela G.

"I first came to Wellness First Chiropractic because of the pain that I felt in my neck. I would get a tension headache almost everyday. I was tired of complaining about the pain. I had been to another chiropractor and he didn't explain anything. He just started popping things and used a funny machine. I thought Dr. Tanner would do the same, but he explained every procedure and focused on my problem. I have found out what it's like to not be in pain. I have fewer headaches, less neck pain, and even improved my posture. Dr. Tanner is a wonderful doctor and I will trust him as I continue my chiropractic care. Thank you, Dr. Tanner!"

-Heather K.

"My hip was so out of place. At age 28, I was walking with a cane. My back was constantly hurting. I couldn't even walk across the street at work. As soon as we sat down together and talked about the true problems I was having, I trusted his work. The atmosphere is so welcoming and comforting. I never doubted that I would be in good hands. It wasn't overnight, but Dr. Tanner explained that to me. As time goes by I am improving bit by bit. Now, a year later, I am living without constant back pain and that is something that I was sure would not happen. I don't live with the depression of not being able to even walk, now I go, go, go! Thank you so much Dr. Tanner!"

-Stephanie R.

"I had pain in my neck consistently for almost 2 years and had lost a lot of my range of motion. I felt really good about working with Dr. Tanner right away. He explained to me what was going on with my neck and explained his method for treatment. I have experienced increase range of motion, virtually pain free, and no more tension headaches!"

-Kenneth B.

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